10 advices from Naval Ravikant (LIFE-CHANGING)
10 advices from Naval Ravikant (LIFE-CHANGING)

10 advices from Naval Ravikant (LIFE-CHANGING)

Aug 17, 2023
Life-changing advice from Naval Ravikanth, re-worded by me for my own understanding :)

1. Understand that ethical value creation is possible

2. Own equity in a business

(you’re not going to get rich renting out your time)

3. Use the internet to broaden your career

4. When picking a business partner: Choose someone with high intelligence, high energy and above all, integrity

5. Don’t partner with cynics and pessimists

(their beliefs are self-fulfilling)

6. Learn to sell + learn to build

7. On Specific Knowledge:

  • Taught through apprenticeship, not in schools.
  • Specific knowledge is highly technical or creative - it cannot be outsourced or automated.
  • Found by pursuing your genuine curiosity and passion (not by following what’s trendy now)

8. Business leverage comes from capital, people and products with no marginal cost of replication

9. Embrace accountability - do things and take business risks under your own name.

10. An army of robots is freely available on the internet in the form of automation tools - use it.