My first month at Seoul Robotics
My first month at Seoul Robotics

My first month at Seoul Robotics

Apr 7, 2023

About Seoul Robotics: “Making Robots Intelligent”

3D Perception solution company.
Founded in 2017 in Seoul, South Korea.
Co-founders: Hanbin Lee (Cap), Jaeil Park (J), Oran Kwon (Naro), Hong Minh Truong (Doc)
Products by SR: SENSR 3.0 and ATI (Autonomy through infrastructure), QuickSite
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How did I get to join Seoul Robotics?

I applied for the position of front-end developer via LinkedIn!
The whole hiring process took around 2.5 months in my case.
Round 1: Documents (Resume, Cover letter submission) + HR Interview
Round 2: Interview with the Product Team (Product Team Leader and Senior SWE)
Round 3: Technical interview - Front-end assignment involving Babylon.js (JavaScript library for displaying 3D graphics in a web browser via HTML5) + explanation of the assignment
Round 4: Culture-fit interview with the CEO
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What is the work like at SR?

Work is challenging. Yet it is fun.
I can feel my skills as a front-end developer becoming better by the day.
The pace of development in the product team is fast. Like really fast.
Clear opportunities for growth in the long term.
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The stack we’re using:

React + Next.js + TypeScript
Tanstack Query
MUI-like Custom UI library called Seoul Robotics React-toolkit (created by Minhoon)
If Auth is used: AWS-Amplify Auth

What are the people like at SR?

People in the Product-dev team are smart.
Intrinsically driven to deliver.
Extremely hard-working.
Committed to excellence.
I’ve gotten close to co-workers from other teams and they are also really smart, hard-working, kind and friendly! It’s a fun environment to work in.
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Perks of working at Seoul Robotics:

  • Amazing co-workers
  • Can freely speak in English or Korean
  • A budget of ~$400 for cross-team parties per person per year
  • No dress code
  • Books and courses supported
  • Free annual health checkup
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