The world needs more authenticity
The world needs more authenticity

The world needs more authenticity

Apr 16, 2023

On being genuine

These days, speaking feels like walking on eggshells.
I’m tired of not expressing my innermost thoughts honestly.
In a way, my upbringing trained me to be manipulative and strategic rather than straightforward and truthful.
I’m done with that way of life. I’m done with being politically correct because it makes me unable to express my personal truth in its totality.

The truth feels solid

Get clear on what your personal truths are. Embrace them. Display them for the whole world to be seen.
I admire people who are unapologetically themselves.
That’s how I want to be too — raw. unfiltered. full of substance.
I’d rather be hated for being my real self than be loved for something that’s not real.

Say what you mean and mean what you say

Even if it offends people.
Even if it makes you unlikable.
Have the courage to express your opinion and have it proven wrong after an honest conversation about it and learning from it.

What it will result in

It will drive away the groups of people who aren’t supposed to be in your lives.
And attract the people who are compatible with you.
Genuine solidness in your being.
True happiness in the long term.
Peace of mind.